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Tamarind Sweet Chutney 250mL

We've been serving our original Tamarind Chutney recipe to friends and patrons for as long as we can remember. We've achieved the perfect exotic balance by blending just the right tangy taste with a hint of sweetness. (Just think of it as an Indian sweet-and-sour sauce.) It is the only product of its kind with no preservatives. Serve it as a condiment or as a base for a sauce in great meals.

Tamarind Hot Chutney 250mL

This is a hot twist on our sweet classic. Hot enough to give you a tingling sensation and the ideal complement to great food but (don't worry) you won't burn your mouth. Click here for uses

Spicy Fresh Green Chutney (Mint Salsa) 250mL

A blend of mint, cilantro, onions and lime collide with tongue-tingling, forehead-sweating chilies to form this fresh and exotic sensation. It’s chutney just like mom used to make. Also, be sure to look for a milder version of this not-so-mild Mint Salsa™, in supermarkets soon. Click here for uses

Gol Gappa Pani/ Spicy Water 1.75L

Ready-to-use ‘Shake & Serve’ Gol Gappa (Pani Puri/Phuchka) Pani is found in your grocery store refrigerator (with no preservatives). This tried, tested and true concoction blends tangy, spicy, and hot flavours. In fact, it's not only tasty but aids in digestion. Click here for uses and directions.

Gol Gappa Pani/ Spicy Water 1L

Same product but now in a more convenient smaller size. Great for a small family or just for 1.

Sooji Gol Gappa 250g (Pani Puri, Phuchka, Semolina Shells)

This great healthy puffed shell melt-in-your-mouth snack is made from semolina and is cooked in a blend of Rice Bran & Canola Oil. Crispy, crunchy and light. For most, one or two is never enough.

Click here for uses and directions.

Sooji Gol Gappa 375g (Pani Puri, Phuchka, Semolina Shells) X-Large Pack

Invite your extended family, your friends and even your neighbours. It's a party in a foil tray.
Click here for uses and directions

Sooji Papri 115g (Semolina Crisps)

This great healthy, crispy chip like melt-in-your-mouth snack made from semolina and is cooked in a blend of Rice Bran & Canola Oil. One is never enough.

Punjabi Matri 350g

These hand cut highly addictive delights are a great light snack to enjoy with tea, coffee or for that matter, anytime you feel the need to snack.

Firey Matri 350g

Again a highly addictive delight with a touch of fire. The seasoning, a blend of India and bit of South America, will give you kick and is guaranteed to jump start your taste buds.