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Tamarind Chutney, Green Chutney (Mint Salsa)

Serve it with Samosas, Pakoras (Bhaji), Kachoris, Vadas, Dahi Bhallas(Vadas), Potato Patties, Chat Papari , Gol Gappas (Pani Puri), Fruit Chat, Kebabs, Chicken Nuggets, French Fires and Fish Sticks. It is a great base for BBQ sauce, adding an exotic flavour to one of North America's favourite condiments. It is also great base for a stir fry sauce or even a marinade for all meats from beef to shrimp.

Gol Gappa Pani/ Pani Puri Pani/Phuchka Pani/Spicy Water Uses

Serve it with Gol Gappa/Pani Puri/Phuchka/Shells or simply enjoy it on its own.

Directions to make perfect Gol Gappas

Mampster™ Masala Mix (25 Shells)

Boil 2 medium potatoes, peel and cube. Open a small can of white chick peas, rinse and remove water. Combine cubed potatoes, white chick peas, Mampster™ Tamarind Chutney (3 tbsp) with Mampster™ Green Chutney (3 tbsp), and Mampster™ Chaat Masala (1-½ Tsp). Mix together. Break holes in Gol Gappa/Pani Puri shells, stuff with mixture, add Mampster™ Gol Gappa/Pani Puri Pani and serve..