Our Reputation for Great Food
An all-natural, Indian food company.  
Although, Mampster™ is new to the prepared foods market, our roots date back to 1994 to a humble food stand in Toronto's Little India. It was a little, family-run place, where all who enjoyed its delicacies marveled at their great taste and authenticity. Although the stand is gone, the food it served was never forgotten. This motivated us to start Mampster Food Company. – dedicated to providing the same quality and homemade taste that made us Gerrard St. favourites. And because our food is available at your local grocery store, you can enjoy them anytime with family and friends. From those of East Indian ethnicity missing the tastes of home to anyone else looking for new and exciting flavour destinations, our goal is to satisfy that craving with a variety of authentic foods. Our products are guaranteed to satisfy.